Methods to Fix “Product Key Errors” While Activating Office Setup

Although you can download the Office Setup Software from its official Website, But to make use of all the services and features of the software, you will be needed to activate the software. The Office Product Key is a 25-digit alphanumeric key that is required to activate the software on your device. However, In some cases, you might encounter some errors such as typing mistakes or mistakenly used for wrong subscriptions. The Product key is case-sensitive. hence, you will have to use it exactly as mentioned. In this article, we will discuss some Product key errors that are likely to be experienced if you make some mistakes while activating the software.Product Key Errors

Below we have listed some of the common errors that you might get while entering the product key.

  • The product key is expired or has been already used.
  • Fraudulent or Fake Product key which is not present in the database of Microsoft
  • Disabled Microsoft account can cause an error as you will need a Microsoft account to redeem the key.
  • The retailer or the seller has already activated the product key.
  • Incorrect typing or misspelling of the product key.
  • The limit of devices for your subscription is full.
  • Blocked cookies by the browser.
  • Missing Javascript files.
  • Using the Product key of another region.

So if you are getting any of these errors we have mentioned above then there is nothing to worry about. We have listed below some of the quick methods that will help you to troubleshoot this error quickly.

Methods to fix Product Key ErrorsOffice Setup

Error: 1 “Product Key is used”

If you are getting this error message while trying to activate your MS Office Account then it means the Product key has been redeemed already. Hence, You are not required to redeem it again so you can directly download the Office software on your device. Go to and login into your Microsoft account. Now go to the MS Office Webpage and start the download process. Once the download is complete, run the installer file and complete the installation process. the Subscription will be activated automatically.

Error: 2 “Unable To Setup Account”

There could be two possible reasons that can lead to this error. If you have purchased the Microsoft office subscription for a different region and you are trying to activate it in another region Or the subscription period is extending in the region from where you have purchased it. Hence, It is advisable to redeem the product in the same region always. If you will try redeeming the key in different regions then you are likely to face this error.

Error: 3 “Invalid Product Key”

This error message generally occurs when you make a typing mistake while entering the product key or if you are using the wrong product key for the subscription. Since the MS Office Activation key is case-sensitive so you need to be very careful while typing the product key and Check the Subscription also to ensure you are using the right product key for the activation.

Error: 4 “Key Not Activated”

If you have purchased this MS office setup from a retailer shop then you might need to ask him to activate it first. this error generally occurs when the retailer from which you have bought the subscription hasn’t activated the key yet. Hence, You will have to ask him to activate it first so you can use it.

Error: 4 “Reached the Limit”

If you are renewing your Microsoft Subscription every year then you must need to know that it can be extended maximum for 5 years. hence, instead of extending your older subscription, you can buy a new one to activate the office setup

So these are some of the product key errors that you are likely to experience if you don’t pay much attention while activating the Office setup on your device. If you have the Office product key then you need to go to and redeem your product key. After redeeming the product key, you can download and use the office setup on your device with all premium features. Also, if you are getting installation error while installing office home and 2019 then you can contact at to get quick assistance to resolve the issue.