Steps to Troubleshoot Installation issues of Office Home and Student 2019

Multiple users have reported issues with Office Home and Student 2019 that they are getting issues while installing the Software on their Mac and Windows device. Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 software includes a bunch of useful tools and features that offers optimum working condition to enhance the productivity of your work. However, if you are getting installation issues then there is nothing to worry about. We are here to help you with optimum solutions to troubleshoot these errors. In this article, we will discuss what are the common issues that you can encounter while installing office 2019 and home on your Mac and Windows device.Office Setup

Installation errors can occur because of several reasons. Hence, you can easily resolve this error once you know about its causes. So let us move to the methods that can be used to fix these installation issues. We will begin this with Microsoft Office Home and 2019 installation issues on windows first.

List of Installation issues on WindowsOffice download

  • Operating System Not Supported

Compatibility issues can be one of the big reasons that can lead to this error. Hence, Before buying any product for your device, Make sure to read the system requirements for the software. This will help you to ensure the compatibility of the software. In case, You are getting this error because of an Outdated windows version then you can simply update your operating system to the latest release in order to fix this error. Go to Control Panel and open the System updates. Click on Update windows and follow the given instructions to update the windows to the latest release.

  • Slow Installation

One more crucial reason that can cause these installation errors is the Poor Interent Connection. If the installation process is taking time longer than usual then it is because of network issues. hence, the connectivity issues will slow down the installation process and it will cause failure. Hence, Make sure to use a wired connection while installing these kinds of software. it will ensure proper connectivity and fasten the installation process. You can also try contacting your Network service provider to resolve this issue quickly to install the MS Office Home and 2019 successfully.

If you are trying to install the MS Office Setup on Windows XP and Windows Vista then you are likely to face this error as the latest version of the MS Office Software are not supported on these version of Windows. hence, It is a must to check the system requirements before downloading or purchasing the software as mentioned above. The Microsoft Office Home and 2019 are supported on Windows 7 and later versions. hence, You need to first update your windows to the latest release in order to download the software on your device.

Installation Issues On

  • Installer Freeze at “Verifying”

If while installing the Office setup on your Mac device, if the installer is freezer and only showing “Verifying” then it might be because the operating system is unable to identify the developer. this generally occurs when you are using an outdated version of the operating system. hence, You can easily fix this error by updating your Operating system Of mac. After successfully updating Os, try installing the MS Office Home and 2019 to check if the error has been resolved or not.

  • Unable to Locate Installer File

This issue generally occurs because of the browser you are using to download the office setup on your device. You can fix this error by locating the files from the Downloads folder in your device or open your browser and go to the downloads page. Now double-click on the file to run the installer file from the browser itself. Now complete the installation process by following the process mentioned and then activate it with the activation key.

  • Unable to Launch PKG file

As w have discussed above, You need to simply run the installer file to install the office set up on your device. However, If you are getting an error while running the installation file then you can try changing the location of the PKG file. Go to the folder where the file is stored and then move the PKG file to another folder and then try running it. this will successfully launch the PKG file.

Now you can follow the installation process to successfully install and activate the Office Setup on your device. We have explained above some of the common issues that occur while installing the Office setup on a Mac or Windows Device. If you are getting any of the errors mentioned above the follow the directed steps to resolve the error quickly.

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