Methods to fix Common Installation Errors of Office Setup

The installation process of the Office setup includes downloading and activating the software successfully. However, While installing the software there are some instances where the installation might stop at 90% or Lower. these errors generally occur because of corrupted or damaged installation files or Some other reasons. However, If you have encountered this error and need some quick ways to fix it then make sure to read this article till the end. Office Setup

Windows installer is required to complete the installation process and If the Windows installer is in use to update any other program then you might encounter this error. So In that case, You might need to wait until all the updates are installer successfully. However, in some cases, you might get this error when the installer itself is hanging or facing problems while installing the updates. In this scenario, you will be needed to stop the on-going update and then follow the methods mentioned below to fix the error.

Methods to Fix Office Installation Errors

Based on the scenario we have mentioned above, we have listed some quick ways that can be used to troubleshoot these installation errors. these processes might require you to reinstall your device. Hence, it is advised to close all the running processes and save your

Method: 1 Restart Computer and then Try Installing

If you are getting this error because of some configuration or connection issue then restarting your device will troubleshoot all the common issues with the software, program, or device. After restarting your device, You can start the installation process from a fresh. However, If this doesn’t work then move to the next method.

Method: 2 Switch to Wired Connection

Connection issues are one of the main reasons behind these kinds of installation errors. In the case of Wireless connection, You might not get enough speed to complete the installation process. Hence, you must avoid using a Wireless connection while installing any software on your device. So in order to complete the installation process, you need to switch to a wired connection and then try installing the software from fresh. this will give you enough speed to successfully install the software on your device.

Method: 3 Office Installer

If you have discovered that you getting these installation errors because of poor internet connection then you can make use of Office installer to install the software on your device. the office installer tool is designed to install the Office setup software successfully while tackling any kind of issue or obstacle that can cause a failure. this tool will detect and diagnose all the possible issues that can lead to failure. Office Installation Failure error message might appear while installing the software over a poor internet connection. As we have already mentioned above, While installing important software make sure to use a Wired connection.

Method: 4 Disable Antivirus Temporarily

Antivirus or any other security software on your device might cause an issue in the installation process. the firewall of this software might restrict the downloading process of the office setup leading the installation failure. So In order to resolve this error, you will be needed to disable the antivirus software temporarily. Once the software is disabled, you can run the installation process. After successfully installing the software, make sure to enable the antivirus software again to keep your device secure from viruses and malware. In case, You are using Windows 10, then make sure to disable the Windows Defender firewall, which is an in-built firewall of the Operating system.

Method: 5 Run Quick Repair

If even after trying all the methods mentioned above, if these errors still persist then you can try performing a quick repair of your device to fix this issue. We have listed below the steps you need to follow.

  • Close all the windows and press the Windows key and search control panel.
  • Now from the control panel window, open the program and features window.
  • now click on Uninstall/Change option to expand it and then look for the Microsoft Office product which you are trying to install.
  • select the software and then click on Change and then Repair.

Office DownloadNow, wait until the repair process completes and then try installing the software again. If you are able to install the software successfully then simply restart your device. However, the installing is still stuck at 90% then you might need to contact the experts at Office Setup. You can go to and then look for the perfect solution to resolve this error. Here you will get a solution for every single issue with the Microsoft Office Software. If you are getting an issue while opening Microsoft Word on Mac then try changing the preferences.